career tree

I’d be interested in being a graphic designer, video editor, or a portrait photographer.

reflection: I am interested in those jobs because I feel like I would be capable to do it and it won’t be too challenging for me. I would like to work close to home so that it’s not a long drive for me. Some responsibilities the jobs would have would be to not procrastinate, get everything done, no slacking, etc. Not sure what the salary would be, but when I looked it up it said $22-33,000. I would like to maybe pursue in being an artist because that seems interesting as well.

advertising photography

  1. I am representing the brand “Too Faced”
  2. The product is a lip gloss
  3. The target audience is people who like makeup
  4. I would expect to see this ad in a makeup store or magazine
  5. I used natural lighting
  6. I needed the lip gloss and my friend Val

Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty Launches First Line of Beauty Products in the  U.S., Canada, and Mexico Exclusively at Sephora on September 3Introducing iPhone 14 Pro | Apple - YouTubeThe Chick-fil-A's Cow and Its Untold Story | Adweek

I like these ads because I love chick fil a, I love those makeup products and I’m thinking about getting the new phone.