50 photos !


One similarity that PS and LR have is that they have some of the same effects to add to a picture when adding color. Another similarity is that they both have an eraser tool. A difference that they have is that I feel LR is easier than photoshop. Another difference is, I feel like LR has made my pictures look better and clearer.

jump start photography

Watching movies can inspire you, looking at websites for tips and tricks, looking at other peoples pictures, join clubs and do sessions, photoblogs can help, CD’s and album covers, listening to music, taking one picture a day as a project, reading art magazines, magazines in general, sporting events can help, look sideways and up and down, not just straight forward, and holiday theme shoots.

self portrait


exposure; 1/85 sec; f/5.6; ISO 400 Manual; pattern metering

20 words: black, green, costume, alien, gun, sunglasses, serious, mean, lips, hair, suit, tie, quote, message, background, low exposure, dim, light, white shirt.

conceptual portrait

conceptual- relation too or based on mental concepts

This photo represents me because I love all the things that are in this picture. I love playing volleyball. I love my crocs because they are cute and comfy. In that picture I am at the beach and I love the beach. Beaches have the nicest sunset. I also like the hat in the picture too. It’s my favorite color and I wore that hat all summer. That’s why I feel like this picture represents me.


The main difference between any JPEG and RAW file is its size.

RAW files are significantly bigger than JPEG (and any other)

image file formats. A RAW file will be between two and six times

larger than a JPEG file. RAW files are bigger because they contain

a much greater amount of image data. A JPEG image is essentially

all that data compressed down into a smaller file size that’s easier to share.

my inspiration !

I am inspired by a lot of things. Other people’s posts inspire me a lot and change my point of view of things. I like when people use my favorite colors in their pictures because it catches my attention. Pictures of famous people catch my attention too and mainly just colorful stuff

painting with light !


Simple Techniques for Painting With Light | 99inspiration

This picture is really cool and I like it. I like how the lights are purple. It’s a really creative shot. It is way better and a lot different from mine. I like the little detail with the light painting onto the guitar. I wish I used a little more creativity like this but mine is still a good one.

white balance article

White balance is used to adjust colors to match the color of the light source so that white objects appear white. Subjects may be lit by several different light sources, including sunlight, incandescent bulbs, and fluorescent lighting. The bulk of white balancing in photography consists of color temperature correction. You’re correcting for a cast produced by the color temperature of the light, which lies along the blue-yellow spectrum. While white balance presets aren’t the most accurate way to color correct, they’re an easy way to get started. Adding cool hues will give images a shady or night effect, while adding warm hues will give images a sunrise or sunset effect.