framing composition

exposure; 1/125 sec; f/4.5, ISO 3200; Manual; Pattern Metering

exposure; 1/125 sec; f/4.5, ISO 3200; Manual; Pattern Metering

  1. I think I have a strong composition
  2. I mainly just edited the coloring and I cropped the photos a little bit
  3. I should’ve been a little more creative with the frames, but I feel like this school is pretty boring and nothing really stands out, so it’s a little more challenging
  4. These photos are not my best work, but I feel like they should be considered to be on the homepage because they are good pictures and I used the frames pretty well.

all about me collage!

This collage is a brief summary about me and the things that I like. I have a couple of fast food places on there because they are my favorite places to eat out. I love listening to music, so I put two albums from my two favorite artists. I added two baby pictures of me to show what I looked like when I was younger. I am an athletic person who plays volleyball and likes to watch other sports as well. The teams I like to watch are the Raiders and Dodgers. I put a picture of my dog too because he is a big part of my life and I love him. Also, the sunset is in the background of the picture of my dog, and I love sunsets, so it was a two in one picture of both of the things I love. I love Spiderman so much and all of the movies are so good. Lastly, I put the background of my collage sage green because that is my favorite color of all time.

power point info !

  • detachable lenses make them different
  • DSLR is digital signal lens reflex
  • ISO stands for international organization for standards
  • high ISO means it would be more sensitive to light
  • Choose the right ISO for your shooting situation
  • high ISO means it would be more sensitive to light
  • For more light use lower ISO
  • Choose your shutter speed based on your situation
  • for less light use higher ISO
  • higher shutter speed to caption action
  • the shutter in a camera is half a circle
  • Metaphors to understand exposure could be “window”


exposure; 1/20 sec; f/8 ISO; 3200 manual Pattern metering

exposure; 1/20 sec; f/8 ISO; 3200 manual; pattern metering

exposure; 1/20 sec; f/8 ISO; 3200 manual Pattern metering

The idea of a side profile portrait is really good. I like the blurry background, it lets us focus more on the subject. The lighting on her is really good too, this was probably taken during sunset.



This picture caught my eye because the hands are holding the eye. I think it’s cool because it’s really trippy and looks weird. I think this picture means holding eyes. The black and white effect makes it look creepier. I like how the blue stands out because it adds more to the picture. For example, if the blue wasn’t out, it would be a boring picture. This picture was edited really nicely and I like it.


1/40 sec; f/8 ISO 3200; Manual

I like this picture because you see a different point of view of the Eiffel tower. You never really get to see the tower like that unless it’s in person. The black and white is cool too because it adds texture to the picture. Getting a low angle photo is hard, but this was taken very well.

composition photos

shadow photos

1/1600 sec; f/7.1 ISO 400 manual

1/1600 sec; f/7.1 ISO 400 manual

I really like this picture because it matches the standards of a shadow picture. I think it’s cool how the ring is a circle shape, but the shadow makes a heart. The book matches the type of picture it is because the pages are white and the words are black. At first, when you look at the picture you might just seen a ring and a book. I think the heart adds more to the picture in a good way.